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Store Policy

Credit and Debit card transactions for T.J. Mueller® Art From Above® Limited Edition Fine Art Print transactions are encrypted and automated through a 3rd party service called Stripe.

Stripe's Privacy Policy is here.

Paypal payments are managed directly by paypal here:

All Print and Accessories orders are completely handled by

Fine Art America privacy policy can be found here:

Fine Art America FAQs can be found here

T.J. Mueller® Art From Above® Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are competitively priced, 10%-30% less than other leading Limited Edition brands.  

Under normal market conditions, a Limited Edition Print purchase price will increase as its edition sells out.   However, if market conditions drive down the purchase price of a T.J. Mueller, Art From Above, Limited Edition Print, the purchaser will be refunded the difference in price.

As an example, if a buyer purchases a Limited Edition for $1250, and two months later, market conditions force down the purchase price of the same print edition to $1100, the buyer will be refunded for the amount of $150.   This is a lifetime offer for all T.J. Mueller, Art From Above, Limited Edition prints.  Receipts are required for refunds.

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