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Limted Edition Fine Art Prints

Enjoy the New World Wonders from a Bird's Eye View Collection in your home or office.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are the finest, most valuable T.J. Mueller® Art From Above® custom-made prints available. Almost indistinguishable from the original oil painting, Limited Edition Fine Art Prints capture the color, mood, and the actual brush strokes of the original painting.


Read more about T.J. Mueller® Art From Above® Limited Edition Fine Art Prints here.

In 2017, T.J. Mueller Made Art History by completing large scale realistic oil paintings of the  New Seven Wonders of the World from a Bird's Eye View .

Mueller was the first person to travel to each location, capture high resolution photography from the air, and then bring the reference back to his studio in The U.S.A, to  completed a large scale oil painting on canvas of each world wonder in stunning microscopic detail. 


The work is professional and in fact quite extraordinary.” 

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