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T.J. Mueller


Timothy John Mueller is an American Fine Artist. Born in Maryland, United States of America, T.J. Mueller currently lives and works in San Francisco, California. Mueller completed a Masters of Fine Art degree from the Academy of Art.

T.J. Mueller® Art From Above® Fine Art works focuses on cityscape and landscape realistic traditional oil paintings production.  The magnificent scenes are a bird's eye view of the most breathtaking locations from all over the world.

For over a decade, Mueller worked on blockbuster movies in special/visual effects, credited as Timothy Mueller. A list of Mueller's film credit can be found here:

Today, Mueller, captures the most adventurous breathtaking views that the world has to offer, and gives it back to the audience through oil painting in the highest possible quality of fine art available.



Art From Above®  is a bird's eye view of the most breathtaking views from all over the world.  Each work of art is traditionally hand painted by T. J. Mueller.

All reference photography, used to create each painting, is taken by T.J. Mueller with the highest resolution cameras and techniques available today.  Utilizing his extensive movie making experience, location photography is performed with the same techniques used on major motion picture film productions.  Mueller has traveled to each painting location, at least once, to capture and study the best possible presentation of the subject. In addition to digital photography, Mueller also performs traditional medium sketches to capture the sense of feeling, color, and mood of each location.

T.J. Mueller often wondered  how the world looks from a bird's eye point of view. So, Mueller began his journey to search for the highest vantage points. Mueller started attaching cameras to large balloons and kites. He climbed to the top of the tallest building structures. Once the technology was there, Timothy John started flying cameras on drones.  (T.J. Mueller is an FAA part 107 certified sUAS pilot.) Eventually when the budget permitted, Mueller flew in helicopters and planes.

There is no better way to show magical views from above, other than through the medium of oil painting. Looking back in art history, renaissance masters would paint their own point of view in its best possible light. However magnificent their paintings were, they were limited to the views from the ground. So, T. J. Mueller started a painting series to share with the world this incredibly new view, that only birds enjoy everyday.  Never before in art history have individuals had the ability to explore painting from above. Art From Above® has taken flight.


Art From Above® serves as an educational vehicle for the conservation of humanity and culture.  15% of sales commission from T.J. Mueller® Art From Above® Posters and Accessories are given to UNICEF Save Children's Lives  and Peace Corps worldwide. Special thanks to Environmental Law Professor John Wargo at Yale University for the idea of giving 1 dollar a day to UNICEF can save a child's life.

More information about each charity can be found here:


Peace Corps

Photograph by Larm Rmah
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